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Lancashire Constabulary

Firearms Licensing

Firearms Licensing Fees Increase 6 April 2015

Firearms licensing applications received by the police on or after the 6 April 2015 will incur the new fee. If an application and related payment has been received by the police on or before 5 April 2015 the police will honour the fee that has been paid.

For further information regarding the new fees please refer to www.gov.uk/government/publications/circular-0072015-the-firearms-variation-of-fees-order-2015

The Firearms Licensing Unit is currently experiencing a high volume of  applications and as such delays are inevitable. The Licensing Unit will strive to ensure your renewal is granted prior to the expiry date of your certificate and would request that your renewal paperwork is received at the earliest opportunity.

Applying For or Renewing a Certificate

Application forms are available from the link at the bottom of this page, but before you begin to download and complete forms, you must read this important guidance:

1.  Certificate holders are responsible for their own renewals and must allow adequate time (we recommend at least 8 weeks) to apply for a certificate, you will receive notification that your certificate is about to expire approximately 12 weeks before.

2.  Application forms can be downloaded on the link below or are available from the Firearms Licensing Unit.

3.  If you have a relevant medical condition, you may be requested to obtain a medical report from your General Practitioner outlining the condition (see below)

Declaration of Medical Conditions

Having a medical condition of any kind does not preclude you from possessing a firearm. However, any physical or mental condition that may effect your ability to possess and use firearms safely should be declared. This includes, for example, mental health disorder, epilepsy, diabetes, stroke, stress related illness, depression, alcoholism, substance use or dependency, heart disease, cancer. This list is not is definitive.

The Chief Officer of Police has a statutory responsibility to ensure that any person’s possession of a firearm/shotgun is without danger to public safety or to the peace. Therefore if you have a relevant medical condition, it is likely that you will be requested to obtain a medical report from your General Practitioner outlining the condition (declared in boxes 15 & 16 of the application form) and the medication or treatment you received or are receiving now.

If you suffer from a relevant medical condition, you may wish to obtain a medical report from your General Practitioner and submit this alongside your application form. This will assist the timely progress of your application, by preventing delays with the Firearms and Explosives Licensing Unit requesting a report after receiving the application.

If you have any queries and are unsure whether to obtain a medical report to submit with your application, please check with the Firearms and Explosives Licensing Unit.

The original report signed by the doctor (not a copy) must be included with your renewal application.

Lancashire Police will no longer request or pay the costs for medical reports. We are now seeking applicants to obtain medical reports only as described to determine your fitness to hold a licence. Therefore, any cost incurred must be agreed and settled between you and your General Practitioner.


Download an Application Form

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  • For firearm and shotgun security measures click here

Firearms Licensing Department Contact Details

Please use the information below if you need to contact the Lancashire Constabulary Firearms Licensing Department.

Post:Firearms Licensing Department, Lancashire Constabulary, Hutton, Preston, PR4 5SB

Telephone: 01772 413633 or 01772 412417

Email: HQ-FirearmsLicensing@Lancashire.pnn.police.uk

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