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Lancashire Constabulary

Procurement and Contracts

Procurement and Contracts Section

The Procurement and Contracts Section, is responsible for arranging contracts for the supply of goods and services to Lancashire Constabulary and, in some instances, to other police forces in the North West Region, which comprises Greater Manchester Police, Merseyside Police, North Wales Police, Cheshire Constabulary and Cumbria Constabulary.

Current Projects

The team are currently working on the following corporate contracts and projects:

  • E procurement – Oracle Financials and Police Procurement Hub.
  • Various national uniform initiatives.
  • Various estates projects.
  • Speed cameras.
  • Audit of printers.
  • Compiling a database of all force contracts.
  • Energy procurement.
  • Catering services.
  • Printing services.
  • Vehicle recovery.
  • Vehicle repair services.
  • Fuel cards.
  • Automatic door maintenance.
  • Force insurance (with other North West forces).
  • Horse - mounted related goods.
  • Analysing spend across the force.

Recently Awarded Contracts

  • ICT Disposal Service.
  • Electrical Testing Services.
  • MOT Service.
  • Temporary Agency Staff.
  • Servicing of tape recorders.
  • Licences for HR related advice.
  • Vetting System software.
  • Digital recording and storage of interviews.
  • Laundry service.
  • Childcare voucher scheme.
  • Dog spray.
  • Cycle to work scheme.
  • Microsoft support.
  • Ratings consultancy service.
  • Regional communications system.
  • Vehicle conversions (via GMP).
  • Website hosting service.
  • Asbestos service.
  • Body worn cameras.
  • Medical appeals.
  • Farrier service.
  • Recruitment management software system.
  • Fingerprint consumables.
  • Managed internet service.
  • Photographic consumables.
  • Photographic hardware.
  • Electrical repairs.
  • Heating & ventilation services.
  • Various licence renewals.
  • Service of fire detection equipment.
  • Social media management tool.

Future Projects

  • ·         Mobile Telephony – scoping.
  • ·         Computer Hardware/software (national contract) – scoping.
  • ·         Vehicle Hire via Crown Commercial Services.
  • ·         Business Travel via Crown Commercial Services.
  • ·         Counselling / employee assistance programmes (scoping).
  • ·         First aid.
  • ·         Cleaning consumables via existing framework.
  • ·         Vehicles via CSS.
  • ·         ANPR equipment.
  • ·         Volunteers management and tasking IT system.


Purchasing Procedures

Our purchasing procedures are prescribed by statute and standing orders. The actual procedure for supplies and services is determined by the potential value of each contract.

Details are as follows:-

Contracts valued £7,000 - £70,000

Contracts in this category would not under normal circumstances be advertised. However, we are obliged to obtain a minimum of three written quotations or tenders.

Contracts valued £70,000 - £130,000

Contracts in this range would be the subject of a tendering exercise and, in this respect, an advertisement would normally appear in the local press.

Contracts valued £130,000 - £173,934

In addition to advertisements in the local press, contracts in this category would be advertised in relevant trades papers and or national publications such as Contrax Weekly.

Contracts valued over £173,934

These contracts must be advertised locally and nationally and a notice must be published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

This publication is issued daily on-line at http://ted.publications.eu.int

It should be noted that in some instances the Constabulary may decide to take advantage of an existing collaborative contract.


We have, to a large extent, standardised our tender documents for the supply of goods across the North West Region.

When tendering, the Constabulary may opt for "open procedure" whereby you will receive a complete tender pack which includes the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Instruction to tenders
  • Operational requirements/specification
  • Schedule(s) of prices
  • Company information questionnaire
  • General conditions of contract
  • Contract award criteria
  • Contract management and monitoring
  • Delivery sites

If the "restricted procedure" is used you will be requested to complete a company information questionnaire/ for inclusion on the short list.

You will be required to complete all sections of the questionnaire which includes the following sections:-

  • General company information including resources
  • Technical experiences and references
  • Financial details
  • Insurances
  • Equal opportunities
  • Health and Safety
  • Professional conduct


If you require any advice on how to tender for the Constabulary's requirements or require details about the products or services that are due to be tendered please call on 01772 412513 or 01772 412322.

Lancashire Constabulary is fully supportive of all aspects of diversity including ethnicity, race, religion, age, gender, disability and sexual orientation.  In this respect, we welcome expressions of interest from the ethnic minority, disabled and other diverse business communities, in addition to the voluntary sector.

Tendering Opportunities

Please note that the Constabulary uses the following e tendering portal for the publication and notification of tendering opportunities https://bluelight.eu-supply.com. Suppliers may register free of charge and will be notified of relevant tendering opportunities from a number of police forces throughout the UK.

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