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Lancashire Constabulary

Dog Unit


The Lancashire Constabulary Dog Training School is known not only throughout the country but globally thanks to its world-class training courses. Dogs are trained in numerous roles and disciplines including general purpose and search, learning to sniff out explosives, drugs, money, blood, and dead bodies. As well as accepting donated dogs for training, the Constabulary has its own successful breeding programme.

The most popular dogs employed by the Constabulary as general purpose police dogs are Belgian and German Shepherds, with breeds such as labradors and springer spaniels being used for specilaist searching.

A total of four dog trainers are based at the Constabulary's Headquarters where, between them, they will train on average some 60 dogs each year. The Constabulary currently has 22 trained dog handlers spread across the county.

The breakdown is:

  • 16 operational handlers
  • 2 at Ports Unit
  • 4 at Dog Training School

Police dogs are used for a wide variety of uses and situations

They're specially trained to use their natural instincts to help carry out police work. There are five types of police dogs at Lancashire Constabulary each with their own special ability. They can help search for evidence, missing children, hidden drugs and explosives and can play a very valuable role in searching for suspects.

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