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Lancashire Constabulary

Mounted Branch


The reassuring sight of police officers on horseback is evident across the county as mounted patrols support the Constabulary's commitment to neighbourhood policing.

As they carry out high visibility patrols on the streets of Lancashire the officers are always keen to talk to members of the public and listen to their concerns. They are also able to stop and search offenders and make arrests if necessary.

Our mounted branch has 18 horses all living at police stables. Each horse has his own stable and is named after a Lancashire town and the Queen's Jubilee and Preston Guild.

The younger horses, which are around 4 years old, have just started their training and spend most of their time in the riding school. The older, more experienced horses, which have had loads of training, are much more confident.

They help out at all sorts of busy events like football matches, protests and parades. Each horse wears its own "suit of armour" including head shields and shin pads for its own protection.

Lancashire constabulary is known throughout the country for the quality of training the horses receive, including dealing with potential riot situations, fire hazards, and loud music.

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