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Lancashire Constabulary

Neighbourhood policing


Local policing for local people is Lancashire's approach to tackling crime and reassuring communities. We call this neighbourhood policing.

Every neighbourhood in Lancashire has a neighbourhood policing team and you can find out who's on your team by entering your postcode in the 'My Neighbourhood' box on the right of this page.

If you don't have a postcode or streetname please CLICK HERE to view a list of policing areas.

Some teams cover more than one neighbourhood and the exact make-up of a team depends on the size of the neighbourhood or how busy it is.

Police and Communities Together (PACT)

Police and Communities Together, or PACT, is the name we give to making sure you have a say and involvement in how your local neighbourhood is policed.

The PACT process gives you the chance to meet your neighbourhood policing team every month, have a say on how your neighbourhood is policed and monitor our performance.

You can find out when and where your next PACT meeting is by entering your postcode into the 'My Area' section.

At the PACT meeting you can tell your neighbourhood policing team what issues concern you. After discussion, a smaller group called a PACT panel decides on the top three policing priorities for the month.

The neighbourhood policing team will report back to the next meeting on progress on solving the issues - sometimes working with other agencies.

PACT meetings are open to everyone.

What if I can't attend a PACT meeting?

You can still get involved! Type your postcode into the My Neighbourhood section on the right hand side of the page and e-mail your team with details of what you want them to know. They will then keep you updated about what they are planning to do about it.

Neighbourhood Watch Network

The Lancashire Neighbourhood Watch network is critical to achieving success and its members are considered by the Constabulary to be key partners. It is for this reason we have worked with the Lancashire NHW Forum and recently signed a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that will set out how both organisations will work together for the good of our communities. The agreement has chief officer support at the highest level and has seen our partnership with LNWF go from strength to strength.

Police and Communities Together