Police and Communities Together (PACT)

Police and Communities Together, or PACT, is the name we give to making sure you have a say and involvement in how your local neighbourhood is policed.

The PACT process gives you the chance to speak to your neighbourhood policing team every month, have a say on how your neighbourhood is policed and monitor our performance.

The way that we deliver PACT is changing to meet the needs of local communities and make best use of technology to make PACT more accessible, we understand that it can be difficult for you to physically attend a meeting during the evening, when you might have other commitments or find it difficult to get transport. We have recently introduced E-PACT, where we are running virtual meetings online and also mixing physical with online meetings either on Facebook or using new products such as Google Hangouts.

You can find out when and where your next PACT or E-PACT meeting is by following your local policing team on social media. 

During the PACT meeting you can tell your neighbourhood policing team what issues concern you, ask them questions about how we are policing your area and each month we will decide which policing priorities we will be concentrating on in your area for the next month, based upon your concerns and questions.

The neighbourhood policing team will report back to the next meeting with progress on solving your issues - sometimes working with other agencies to achieve this.

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