Photography is an important part of Crime Scene Investigation and is used in a number of distinct and unique ways.

Forensic Photographers

Forensic photographers use body morphing software to reproduce human body shapes. Then injuries photographed on the victim are transferred to the mannequin. A jury can assess images that would normally be too traumatic for them to view and understand the number, approximate size and location of the injuries.  
The forensic photographers work closely with the pathologist in the case to produce images in court to

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illustrate the findings of the post mortem. The images are added to virtual tours and multimedia court presentation packages and are often used in murder trials.

Footwear Photography

Using oblique lighting techniques Forensic Photographers capture fine detail on footwear impressions enabling footwear experts to make comparisons with the offender’s footwear.

UV & Specialist Lighting

Forensic Photographers use UV lighting for enhancing injuries and bite marks that have healed on the surface of the skin and are not visible to the eye. Other specialist lighting and filters are used to reveal forensic information on different surfaces that are normally not visible.


Forensic Photographers use EvoFIT to help eye-witnesses evolve a picture of a criminal’s face from memory.  EvoFIT creates facial composites that are identifiable rather than just being a likeness.

Smart Water

The SmartWater Index Spray System is an anti-burglary/anti-intruder device used by the police and in a wide range of corporate and commercial premises. The Smartwater Index Spray System will spray intruders with a water based solution which contains a unique forensic code. This creates an irrefutable link between the criminal and the crime scene.

Each solution is sealed in a tamper evident container. Known criminals using a similar technique can be visited after the offence and their clothing and skin checked for traces of SmartWater.

Evidence left at the crime scene can include footprints and fingerprints which can be sampled and photographed using specialist UV lighting techniques with wavelength of 365mm.

Interactive Virtual Tour

An interactive virtual tour of a crime scene is created for court presentations. This links panoramas with hotspots that show up images of evidence the area in the scene that the evidence was found.

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