Dementia Buddy Tags – Tap your phone to get them home

Many people living with the symptoms of dementia still remain semi-independent with the support of spouses, family members, friends, neighbours, charities, local authorities and the community in general. There are more than 525,000 people in the UK diagnosed with dementia who live at home and maintain a degree of independence despite their condition.

We have been working with the Good Deeds Trust charity, Lancashire County Council, Wigan Council, NHS and Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service to support the introduction of Dementia Buddy Tags, across Lancashire, from Friday 20th May.

A Dementia Buddy Tag helps people with dementia remain independent, but safe, within the community by providing people living with dementia with NFC enabled wristbands, badges and hang tags. The tags are to be used as a safety net for people with dementia as they go about their day to day life. The devices are encoded with the individual's first name and an emergency contact number, which can be clicked and called when scanned with a mobile phone, if they do become lost or disorientated.

NFC (or Near Field Communication) is the same technology as used in contactless bank or credit cards that allows you to make payments by tapping your card on a card reader or other device. To scan a Dementia Buddy Tag simply enable the NFC on your mobile phone and tap the back of the phone against the tag and it should register, the NFC antenna is in different places on different handsets so you may have to try a couple of times to find the correct spot on your particular phone.

If you know someone who would benefit from having a Dementia Buddy Tag they can be obtained directly from the Dementia Buddy website or on 01942 888990.

Dementia Buddy Tags

Additional information on Dementia can be found at The Alzheimer's Society website or from NHS Choices.

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