Lucy Faithfull Foundation

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation (LFF) is the only UK-wide charity dedicated solely to tackling child sexual abuse, taking a preventive approach to stop it happening in the first place or stop it happening again.

The foundation works with all those affected including adult male and female abusers; young people with harmful sexual behaviour; children with concerning sexual behaviours; victims of abuse, and other family members.

They provide a free, anonymous, and confidential helpline 0808 1000 900 for offenders and their families, helping offenders to stop offending and helping family members to spot the signs and seek advice.

In addition to the helpline, the Lucy Faithfull Foundation runs a support website called ‘Stop it Now’ containing resources for three main audiences:

  • People who are concerned about their own actual or potential online activity can access resources including self-help modules anonymously

  • Information and support for family and friends of those who may be accessing indecent images of children online or engaging in inappropriate sexual behaviours involving children

  • Information for professionals who work with internet offenders and their families

Viewing or sharing sexual images of anyone under 18 is against the law – and harmful to children in the pictures.

If you have concerns about your online sexual behaviour or the behaviour of someone you know – do not ignore it. Take some form of action. Help for you and your loved one is available.The consequences of not stopping are severe – people arrested risk losing their jobs, family, friends and access to their children.


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