Domestic Abuse - Male Victims

Domestic abuse is threatening behaviour, violence or abuse which takes place between adults who are partners, ex-partners or family members. This is any type of physical, financial, sexual, psychological/ emotional violence and control.

The case of solicitor David Edwards (pictured) who was killed by his wife after months of escalating domestic abuse highlights that this issue is not exclusive to age, gender, social background or profession. It can happen to anyone from any community and in any walk of life.

David Edwards CampaignWe know that male victims often feel embarrassed and just accept their situation as David did which leads to victims not coming forward to seek help and report their abuser.

It can be difficult for men to say they need help, and to know where to go once they’ve decided to talk to someone. They may also worry that they won’t be believed.

Domestic abuse is serious whether it happens to a man or woman. You don’t need to suffer in silence; there is help out there for all victims.

Listen to our Head of Public Protection Det Supt Sue Clarke talk about the issue of domestic abuse against men and the importance of getting help:


Details of places where you can get help are listed on the right of this page.

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