Operation Genga

Operation Genga LogoOrganised crime takes many forms and includes drug trafficking, human trafficking, illegal immigration, fraud and financial crime, counterfeiting and illegal supply, organised acquisitive crime, cybercrime and child sexual exploitation.

We currently have a number of identified active organised crime groups operating within Lancashire, with further organised crime groups living outside our county. Our borders with the metropolitan forces of Greater Manchester and Merseyside mean that we suffer from the crimes of travelling criminals particularly those of an organised nature.

What is Operation Genga?

Genga will primarily focus on the Pursue element of serious and organised crime however have strong links into each of the other key areas.

Joining forces with the local authorities under the Transformation Challenge Award and Police Innovation, funding has been allocated to create a Serous and Organised Crime Project team who work alongside ourselves to bring Operation Genga together.

Genga Enforcement Hubs have been established with partnership alignment and dedicated co-ordinators assigned who will act as the conduit between agencies. Co-ordinators will look at the wide range of legislation and powers available and facilitate the referrals, ultimately resulting in multi-agency disruption with joint oversight.


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