Cycle Safe Pass Scheme

Lancashire Police and Lancashire Road Safety Partnership have launched a new campaign to reduce collisions between cyclists and motor vehicles. 

The 'Safe Pass' campaign is designed to encourage motorists to give more space when overtaking pedal cyclists. Whilst the Highway Code does not give specific distances, we are advocating that motorists give at least a 1.5 metre distance when overtaking pedal cyclists. 

Signs will be put up on roads across the county, popular with cyclists, reminding drivers to take care and give as much space as possible when overtaking.

A mat and pedal cycle demonstration will be rolled out at events and key locations across Lancashire during the summer. This display will help people visualise the 1.5m suggested distance and will give them them opportunity to find out more about road safety. We are encouraging members of the public to get involved at these events where they will get the chance to be entered into a draw to win a brand new pedal cycle. 

Roads Policing Sergeant Patrick Worden said: "We recognise the vulnerability of pedal cyclists on our roads and want to work with the public to encourage motorists to give cyclists extra room and 'Pass Safely'. 

"We must have mutual respect on the roads and it is vital cyclists are afforded the same rights and protection as any other road user.

"All road users need to consider each other. If you are overtaking a cyclist, you should be aware and anticipate that the cyclist may suddenly have to avoid a hazard such as a drain or a pothole. By giving a minimum 1.5 metres of space, you are less likely to put the cyclist and yourself at risk of a collision. The risk of injuring a cyclist in a collision is extremely high. You could face serious consequences if you are found to be at fault.

"Our advice is simple, if you cannot overtake without leaving a minimum space of 1.5 metres, then hold back at a safe distance and be patient. A suitable overtaking opportunity will soon present itself."



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