Beach Safety - Stay safe at the seaside

Stay safe at the seaside, don't follow the tide out, be aware of sinking sands, float to live, call 999 and ask for coastguard

Stay safe if you’re visiting the coast this summer. The water might look inviting but if you’re not a strong swimmer please don’t go into the sea.

These tips are simple but may save your life:

  • Don’t follow the tide out – it can come in quickly stay close to the shore and don’t get caught out. The water might look shallow but the tide can quickly change that.
  • Be aware of sinking sands – if you do get trapped, spread your weight evenly across the surface
  • Float to live, if you find yourself in difficulty in cold water, float until you’ve regained control of your breathing
  • Call 999 and ask for the coastguard if you see someone in trouble – don’t put yourself at risk

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