Stay Safe in Open Water

We all know how dangerous it can be to swim in open water. Yet every year we hear stories in the news about incredibly sad deaths of young people during the hot summer months and the devastating impact this has on their family, friends and the local community.

Each year in the UK around 400 people die from accidental drowning. Boys aged 15 to 19 are the largest group of casualties and even strong swimmers are at risk.

So why do we still put ourselves in such danger?

Research has identified the main causes of downing as: trying to save others or pets, falling in unexpectedly, during water sports, swimming after consuming alcohol or showing off in front of mates.

Watch this video produced by Royal Life Saving Society UK, it may make you think twice about entering open water and could save your life.

‘Dying for a Dip’ water safety campaign

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Services ‘Dying for a Dip’ was developed following the tragic death of the James Goodship, in a reservoir near Colne in June 2014. Targeting teens and young adults fire safety staff have visited schools and colleges to talk about the dangers and show an emotionally-charged video.

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