Our Policing Approach: The Health Protection Regulations

This still remains a critical time for Lancashire and we need the continued help and co-operation of our communities to get through this national health emergency. We all have a personal responsibility, please let’s do our best to help the NHS and all other front-line workers over the coming weeks by being responsible and having respect for yourself, others and the law.

We want to reassure everyone that we have operational plans in place which cover the next few months as the economy continues to unlock. 

We will be visible in our communities engaging with people and explaining the law and government guidance alongside our day to day routine police work to keep everyone safe and will not tolerate people who deliberately flout or ignore them with significant anti-social behaviour, violence or criminality. We will often have extra officers on patrol and will have a focus on pubs, bars and the night-time economy.

We know the vast majority of people in Lancashire will do the right thing and will support our officers enforcing the law when the minority choose to deliberately ignore it and put our communities at risk. We’ll continue to take a common sense and proportionate approach to policing the restrictions which remain in place.

The Health Protection Regulations are continuously being revised and updated in response to the levels of Coronavirus. Some of the rules on what you can and cannot do changed on 17 May 2021. However, many restrictions remain in place. You should continue to work from home if you can. When travelling within the UK, you should aim to do so safely and plan your journey in advance. All information can be found on GOV.UK, including guidance on the changes.

Our enforcement options include dispersing illegal groups and issuing fines – fixed penalties start at a minimum of £100, rising to repeat offenders of a maximum of £6400. Organisers of significant gatherings which breach the rules can be issued fines of £10,000.

If you have information about a significant breach of the new Health Protection Regulations, you can use our online form to report it. However, please note we can only enforce the Health Protection Regulations, we cannot enforce Government guidance. Therefore, please do not use to report to us issues with social distancing.

Businesses and workplaces

Businesses which are open in contravention of the regulations should be notified to the relevant local authority in the first instance. If are concerned that your employer is not taking all practical steps to promote social distancing, please report this to your local authority or the Health and Safety Executive.

We will be working with partners including local authorities to make sure licensed premises are COVID safe and properly implementing the required measures around social distancing and contact tracing – if they don’t, they can expect to be closed down.


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