Our Policing Approach: The Health Protection Regulations

This remains a critical time for Lancashire and we need the continued help and co-operation of our communities to get through this national health emergency.

On 4 July 2020, The Health Protection Regulations will have been further updated to allow for greater movement in public spaces including pubs and restaurants.
From this date, restrictions will have changed but there are still specific things that members of the public cannot do.

For a full list please visit www.gov.uk/coronavirus

If you have information about a significant breach of the new Health Protection Regulations, you can use our online form to report it.

However, please note we can only enforce the Health Protection Regulations, we cannot enforce Government guidance.

Therefore, please do not use report to us:
• Issues with social distancing
• Issues regarding the use of face masks or coverings in public places

Businesses and workplaces
Businesses which are open in contravention of the regulations should be notified to the relevant local authority in the first instance.

If are concerned that your employer is not taking all practical steps to promote social distancing, please report this to your local authority or the Health and Safety Executive.


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