Our Policing Approach: The Health Protection Regulations

The Health Protection Regulations are continuously being updated in response to the new Coronavirus variant, Omicron. 

This still remains a critical time for Lancashire and we need the continued help and co-operation of our communities to get through this national health emergency. We all have a personal responsibility, please let’s do our best to help the NHS and all other front-line workers over the coming weeks by being responsible and having respect for yourself, others and the law.

We will be visible in our communities, including high risk and crowded areas, such as towns and shopping centres, and near transport hubs. We will be engaging with people and explaining the law alongside our day to day routine police work to keep everyone safe. We will not tolerate people who deliberately flout or ignore the rules, particularly if they use with significant anti-social behaviour, violence or criminality.

We will continue to engage with people, educate and explain the new rules and enforce them where it is absolutely necessary to do so, also supporting transport and retail staff in ensuring people wear face coverings in line with the regulations.

Our enforcement options include denying entry in a relevant place where a person does not comply without reasonable excuse to wear a face covering and may remove them from the relevant place using reasonable force if necessary. Fixed penalties are £200 payable within 28 days, this is however reduced to £100 if paid within 14 days. Court proceedings may be brought in cases of non-payment.

We know the vast majority of people in Lancashire will do the right thing and will support our officers. We’ll continue to take a common sense and proportionate approach to policing the restrictions which remain in place.

Please follow the gov.uk website here: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus for all the latest advice and guidance. It is the best source of information for people and is being constantly updated.



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