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What training is available on safeguarding from extremism?

Safeguarding from extremism is no different to how practitioners would share a concern about drugs, physical and sexual abuse or any other form of criminality.

Below are details of nationally accredited e-learning and face-to-face training packages which may be helpful:   

E-learning (suitable for all frontline public facing staff)

ACT Awareness e-Learning is a new counter terrorism awareness product designed for all UK based companies organisations – and now the general public.

Free to use, the course can be divided into short sections. However it takes just 45 minutes in total to complete – 45 minutes that could save lives.

The digital format is proving popular with shopping, entertainment and sports venues with more companies applying to take part every day. From 9th December 2019 the course is now open to the general public.

If you’re a member of the general public or from a major organisation, you can sign up directly to the course here or visit the National Counter Terrorism Security Office website’s ACT Awareness page for further information.

Advice and support

Further advice help and support is available from the Lancashire Police Prevent Team who can be contacted on the following numbers:-

01772 413398 or 101

Help advice around Prevent and Counter Terrorism is also available from several local authorities:

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