Early Action and Public Services in Lancashire

The Constabulary have recently been successful in securing Police Innovation Funding (PIF) to develop the Early Action Public Service Lancashire project which is an innovative, transformation of services which will deliver early interventions to vulnerable children, families and adults consistently and equally across the whole of Lancashire. The project will involve a collaboration of public services both statutory and non-statutory who will collectively provide the most appropriate, quality support, at the earliest point possible in that individuals life. 

Early Action applies to both Children and Adults. The benefits of this programme centre on reducing vulnerability and crime, improving the wellbeing of our communities and improving the life chances of those involved in or at risk of engaging in organised criminality and those at risk of increasing social issues leading to crisis.  Early Action ultimately creates better lives for children, families and individuals.

What is Early Action?

Prevention: Early Action is crime prevention which is people focussed.

Problem Solving: Early Action is problem solving, understanding the root cause and dealing with the cause rather than the symptoms using a multi agency response.

Holistic approach: Early Action works with the individual and the wider family to solve the problem looking at all aspects of a persons life.

Better lives: Early Action ultimately creates better lives for children, families and individuals.

Public Services Lancashire will seek to deliver collaborative services and joint commissioning designed to improve the quality and provision of public services in a locally tailored and needs relevant way, thereby building resilience and thriving, contributing communities.

To report a crime that has already taken place, or for advice, please call 101 or you can make an online report. In an emergency you should always call 999.

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