Operation Sceptre - week of intensified action against knife crime

Operation Sceptre is a national week of intense action to help raise awareness of the dangers of knife crime and the work being done to stop it.

During the last Operation Sceptre over 300 knives were taken off the streets.

The week of intensified action sees officers working with partner organisations to conduce a week-long range of activities which typically include:

  • Visiting local shops to give advice on the laws on selling knives

  • Conducting knife sweeps in public places

  • High visibility patrols

  • Tackling knives being imported from oversees

  • Using metal detecting arches and wands in public places to identify people who are carrying knives

  • Visiting schools to provide education to young people.

Operation Sceptre is part of the longer-term Lancashire Police Operation Edge initiative which has been in place for two years and works to reduce knife and violent crime across Lancashire. Operation Edge involves a combination of prevention, enforcement and intelligence-led work with some activities focused on hot-spot areas and others taking place within wider communities.

Knife bins are an important part of our knife crime strategy and are permanently available across the county. You can see where the knife bins are located on our knife bin page.

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