Watch Schemes

Watch Schemes

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Our Watch schemes are aimed at creating virtual communities of people who have similar interests, lifestyles or jobs and providing them with helpful information about crime and crime prevention in order to keep themselves and their property safe.

The schemes usually involve people and property in remote or more isolated locations in Lancashire so we hope that by bringing folk together in this way, we will all help to keep crime low but awareness of suspicious activity and how to keep safe high.


Farm WatchFarm Watch: Lancashire has a lot of rural areas and the farming community makes up a big part of it. Farm Watch helps to bring the police and farmers closer to together to share information, crime prevention advice and to report any suspicious behaviour. Using Farm Watch, they can keep each other informed of what’s going on in their own areas to help protect the wider farming community from crime.



Horse WatchHorse Watch: This scheme brings people together who own or care for horses, including organisations like HAPPA, World Horse Welfare, the RSPCA, Trading Standards and local vets. It gets involved with visits to livery yards, stud / equestrian centres and tack marking events and provides riding road safety information. As with all the schemes, it also shares information amongst its members about any suspicious activity in and around premises with horses to help raise awareness and prevent crime.



Church WatchChurch Watch: This scheme was originally set up to raise awareness of lead theft from churches and shares this information, along with crime prevention advice, with its members.




Caravan WatchCaravan Watch: Caravan owners signing up for this scheme can register both the location of their caravan and their home address so that they can be kept updated on any relevant crimes or prevention advice in the area where their caravan is located.



Canal WatchCanal Watch: This scheme is for people who live full time on Lancashire’s canals or those who have holiday properties along the waterways. Again, they can share information with one another but also receive alerts and information from the Constabulary to help stay vigilant.



Rural WatchRural Watch: This scheme shares information on all aspects of rural crime




To sign up for an existing scheme or to find out how to set one up yourself, contact one of the Watch Liaison Officers below or sign up to In the Know.

For further information about the Lancashire Combined Watch Forum and to learn about how you can become involved click here

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