Community Complaint Trigger

We are committed to ensuring our communities have full confidence in how we use stop and search. If you are concerned about how stop and search has been used in your area, or have a specific complaint around a search then please contact us.

If your complaint relates to how your individual stop and search was conducted, please report via the online complaints form.

If your concern or complaint relates to stop and search encounters in your community, please email us at this address: [email protected] and we will do the following:

  • Look into your concern or complaint sensitively and thoroughly
  • Inform the local senior management team and neighbourhood team about your dissatisfaction
  • Contact you promptly to discuss your concerns
  • Seek an explanation
  • Report the concerns directly to our stop and search independent scrutiny panel who will provide us with an independent view on your concern. With your consent they will also contact you to discuss the issue.
  • Report the concerns and outcomes to our diversity and equality delivery group, chaired by a Chief Superintendent.
  • If misconduct or performance issues are identified we will deal appropriately through existing channels such as our professional standards department, performance improvement unit or in serious cases the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).
  • Publicly provide feedback and any lessons learnt to you and through forums such as independent advisory groups, neighbourhood policing teams and social media.
  • Consider inviting you or other community members out on a ‘ride-along’ with us in your community, to view police and public interactions for yourself.

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