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Our force covers a hugely diverse geographic area from coastal towns including Blackpool and Morecambe to the buzz of our large towns, city centres and rural communities too.

By joining Lancashire Police, you will join a force which is as wonderfully diverse as the geography.  Many of our officers come from a variety of backgrounds and bring a wealth of experience with them. We always welcome applications from all backgrounds and experiences.

Our Chief Constable has a long term aspiration for the Constabulary to continuously evolve and ensure we are configured in the most effective way to deal with changing demand, to keep people safe and provide the best policing services in the country.  We offer roles that will challenge you, in a supportive structure and with a culture that aims to be the best.  

As a police officer, your job will be to keep people safe and feeling safe.

You'll be delivering a competent and compassionate service 24/7.

It’s not all about crime. It's also about helping people who are vulnerable and making their lives better. Being a police officer is one of the most challenging careers you can choose, being physically, mentally and emotionally demanding.  Take the "Is policing right for me" quiz developed by the National Police Recruitment website, to find out whether you are suited to a role as a police officer is right for you.

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