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Applications for Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA) will open on 1st March 2021. Sign up to job alerts to receive notifications about this exciting career opportunity. 

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Applications are not currently open for Degree Holder Entry Programme (DHEP). Register for Job alerts to find out when we plan to open. 

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Our vision is to have an inclusive workplace open to and supportive of a diverse workforce.

We are ambitious in our aim to attract, recruit, support and promote talented individuals who represent the diverse communities and groups in Lancashire. We value difference and recognise that people with a variety of skills, attitudes and experiences, from diverse backgrounds and cultures, bring fresh ideas and perspectives. Encouraging and harnessing these differences can enhance Lancashire Police, by bringing together different viewpoints to continually improve how we deliver our policing service; making our services more approachable and relevant to our communities. We use positive action to help achieve this. Find out more about Positive Action.

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What's life like as a Police Constable?

Our people are more than just a number a to us.  All our people are treated as an individual, diverse, unique, special and professional.  You will be respected and rewarded for doing an amazing job and in times when other employers want numbers, we want individuals. 

All new Police Constables at Lancashire Police spend their first 2 years working on emergency response.

You'll find yourself:

  • Providing a police presence in town centres on a Friday night
  • Responding to domestic violence incidents
  • Helping people who are going through a mental health crisis.

It's a 24/7 service.

That means you'll be providing support around the clock including weekends and during the holidays. 

It's fast paced.

Lots of Police Officers thrive off the fast paced business of responding to emergencies and stay in 'response' for many years. 

Others find a different area that interests them and go on to specialise.

This could be:

  • Supporting victims of abuse

  • Solving serious crimes

  • Working in counter terrorism

  • Preventing cyber crime.

It's supported. 

Whatever you choose, you’ll have a full training programme to get you started. We also offer defined pathways to help you to meet your career goals.

It's diverse.

We recognise that a modern day police service needs to fully reflect the communities it serves so we are working hard to recruit officers from a much broader, diverse range of people.  We welcome people from all backgrounds, regardless of age, genders, race, faith, sexual orientations, parental or relationship status. 

If you have any questions simply email our recruitment team: [email protected]

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