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We are opening applications to join us for the Degree Holder Entry Programme to join us as a Police Officer on Monday 1st June 2020.

Degree Holder Entry Programme - Police Constable - Applications are open and will close on Sunday 21st June 2020.

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What's life like as a Police Constable?

Our people are more than just a number a to us.  All our people are treated as an individual, diverse, unique, special and professional.  You will be respected and rewarded for doing an amazing job and in times when other employers want numbers, we want individuals. 

All new Police Constables at Lancashire Police spend their first 2 years working on emergency response.

You'll find yourself:

  • Providing a police presence in town centres on a Friday night
  • Responding to domestic violence incidents
  • Helping people who are going through a mental health crisis.

It's a 24/7 service.

That means you'll be providing support around the clock including weekends and during the holidays. 

It's fast paced.

Lots of Police Officers thrive off the fast paced business of responding to emergencies and stay in 'response' for many years. 

Others find a different area that interests them and go on to specialise.

This could be:

  • Supporting victims of abuse

  • Solving serious crimes

  • Working in counter terrorism

  • Preventing cyber crime.

It's supported. 

Whatever you choose, you’ll have a full training programme to get you started. We also offer defined pathways to help you to meet your career goals.

It's diverse.

Here in Lancashire we are working towards a workforce that better represents the communities we serve. This will ensure we are better able to respond to and meet the needs of our local communities and better understand all cultures and lifestyles.

If you have any questions simply email our recruitment team: [email protected]

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