Application Process

At Lancashire Police we want to recruit people who'll make great police officers. We also want our new recruits to be happy in their work. Our recruitment process is geared around this, with several stages taking place over around 7 months. The stages of the process are outlined below;

What does the police officer application process look like?

Here are the stages you'll need to pass to be offered a role as a police officer. You'll need to be successful at each stage before being invited to the next.

Online application  When we're open for applications you'll be able to complete and submit your form online. 
National assessment centre  Due to Covid-19, our national assessment centre will take place via online delivery.
Interviews  Due to Covid-19, interviews will now be conducted via Skype.
Pre-employment checks We'll undertake detailed checks including a medical, fitness test, vetting, employment attendance and any businesses you own or are involved in.
Offer of employment If successful you'll receive a final offer of employment and start date.

Supporting Information

Your application will be marked solely against the criterion provided on the application form and you should provide 1 example for each criterion. If applicable, you will also be asked to confirm any essential qualifications required for the post you are applying for.

The examples that you provide should be relevant, demonstrating your ability in the area. You should try to use an example within the last 2 years.  The STAR format below provides you with a structure to provide your best examples, demonstrating that you have the qualities required to perform the role; 

Set the scene

When and what is the example about? What was the scenario situation that you faced?


What did you identify needed to be done? What were you tasked to do? What was your role? 

Action approach

What did you do? Why? Were there options? Why did you select that particular course of action?


How did it go? Was it successful? Why? With hindsight, would you have done things differently?

If your example relates to a specific individual, please retain their anonymity to ensure compliance with data protection.

What happens at the National Assessment Centre?

We know what it takes to make a great police officer and at the national assessment centre you'll be invited to complete exercises that assess your abilities.

  • A competency-based structured interview with 4 questions. This lasts 20 minutes in total.
  • A numerical ability test. This lasts 23 minutes.
  • A verbal ability test. This lasts 30 minutes.
  • 4 role play exercises lasting 10 minutes each.

What criteria will I be assessed against?

When you're invited to the assessment centre we'll send you an information pack which details the assessment criteria. It's very important that you take time to review this so that you can ensure you present yourself at your best.

We will provide you with information on how to prepare for the National Assessment Centre before you attend.

Workforce Representation Team

At Lancashire Police we have a workforce representation team that helps us to achieve a diverse workforce. This works to ensure our workforce represents the communities we serve so that we can bring more understanding to our decision making. We have 3 workforce representation co-ordinators who work in communities to raise awareness of our organisation, break down barriers and spot talent for future police employees. This team offers support and guidance for individuals in accordance with the Equality Act 2010.

To find out if you are eligible for support from our Workforce Representation Team please email [email protected].

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