Meet Sam

As I left high school back in June, I didn’t know what my future was. I attended Cardinal Newman College in the start of September and was studying Business Studies.


After a while of thinking things through, college wasn’t for me. I started to look further into apprenticeships. I wanted to know what they were for, and why I thought an apprenticeship would be the best for me.

I remembered an apprenticeship training company called ‘North Lancs Training Group’ visiting my high school, explaining what they did. I thought the best thing to do was to start there, and see where that could take me. After going online to see the available vacancies I saw there was a vacancy to work for Lancashire Constabulary. Reading through the job description and details about the job made me imagine what it would be like. I put together a small CV to apply. My CV wasn’t the best. I had just come from high school, just finished my GCSE’s and I didn’t have much experience in a working environment. But, I applied and got called in for an interview!

Meet SamWhen I found out that I got the job I was very happy! My first day was on 1st October 2014. My first day in the office was great, although I felt very shy and quiet I enjoyed that day very much.

Everybody in the office was so welcoming which helped to calm my nerves.

As time went by I started to feel more comfortable with everything. Within my job role, I complete many admin tasks, which I enjoy doing. I have a lot of emails, and sometimes get quite a lot of telephone calls and with telephone calls, at first I felt very nervous making them, in case I said or did something wrong, but over time I have gained so much more confidence throughout my job role.

I enjoy my work very much, I think it was such a good change for me since I came from college and it has changed me for the better. If anybody is thinking about started an Apprenticeship here I would highly recommend it!

The best thing about working for Lancashire Constabulary is the employees. Throughout working here I have met some really lovely people who I now consider as friends and not just colleagues.

I can honestly say that working for Lancashire Constabulary was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

Sam Barker
Apprentice Vetting Team, PSD

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