Meet some of our PCROs

“The best part about working as a PCRO is genuinely the opportunity to help people in their time of need"

"Before I joined Lancashire Police as a Police Control Room Operator (PCRO) I worked as a Dental Nurse. After 6 years I really felt that I wanted to fulfill my ambition of working in public service and knew that I needed to find my calling. My Mum spotted the job advertised on social media and recommended I applied and I am so glad she did.

“I have worked here for over 2 years now and haven’t looked back since I started. I very recently secured a supervisors role here which I absolutely love!

“The best part about working as a PCRO is genuinely the opportunity to help people in their time of need. I really like to help solve problems for people and this role is perfect if you are a real people person like me. The variety of calls I receive are huge and are not all crime related which quite surprised me. I regularly speak with people for car accidents, road closures, emergency incidents and with other organisations like the ambulance service too. No day is the same here and it never gets boring.

“Working a shift pattern has worked out really well for me as I get to spend time with family and friends that don’t work the standard 9-5 hours and an added bonus is I get lots done on my 4 days off especially when they land during the week!

“If I could offer one piece of advice to someone considering applying for this role is to research the job, get an understanding of what is expected of you and go for it!"

Amy Robinson- Police Control Room Supervisor

"It is a demanding but very rewarding career”

“I have worked as a Police Control Room Operator (PCRO) at Lancashire Police for just over 14 years.  I take 999 calls, non-emergency calls and dispatch Police Officers to incidents.  I also mentor new starters when they join the team.

“Every day is a different day and that’s the exciting part about being a PCRO. I can come into work and have serious incident taking place and really get involved with the officers, helping them get the job done.

“We also run special operations including football matches, firearms incidents, police warrants and royal family visits - they are quite interesting to be a part of.  The variety of calls a PCRO encounters was quite surprising to me when I began my career here. I deal with incidents from a lost child to someone feeling suicidal.  We are a resilient bunch and even though I hear really challenging calls on a daily basis I always finish the day with a smile.

“My family are proud I work for Lancashire Police.  A number of years ago Lancashire Police featured on the TV programme ‘999 What’s Your Emergency’.  I had the odd spot on it and they all contacted me saying how proud they were.  Fitting my role as a PCRO with my family and social life can be hard at times. I work a shift pattern which doesn’t always fit with birthdays etc.   I just make sure that when I am off I try and spend it with those who mean the most.

“If anyone is considering applying to become a PCRO I would say you definitely need to be resilient and be a good communicator, its key in this job. It is a demanding but very rewarding career.”

Andrew Kearsley - Police Control Room Operator

“There is a great deal of support during the training period of the role and I am really enjoying meeting and working with new people" 

“Before I joined Lancashire Constabulary I worked as a Travel Agent. I really enjoy working with the people but was looking for a career which made a real difference to people lives. A friend recommended that I apply for this role and I am so glad they did!

“I hadn’t worked a shift pattern before this role, it isn’t easy at the beginning but you do you adjust and it comes with many benefits. You actually receive a 52 week rota when you start so you can really plan your year ahead. In fact I feel that being able to spend time off during the day in the winter months with friends, family and walking my dog, has only improved my quality of life.

“There is a great deal of support during the training period of the role and I am really enjoying meeting and working with new people. Something that has surprised me about this role is how much intelligence gathering is the level of responsibility I have when deciding what happens next when a call comes in to the control room.

“My first 999 call was from a victim being threatened with a firearm.  Due to the serious nature of this incident I was escalated to a number of departments and senior staff members.  My training kicked in and I was confident I had done everything needed to ensure the safety of the caller. 

“If I could give one piece of advice for someone considering applying for this role it is to just go for it! As long as you have a genuine desire to help people then this could be a great role for you.”

Nadia Macrae - Police Control Room Operator


"After working for the Council for 10 years, I wanted a career which was more fast paced and exciting"

Azhar - Police Control Room OperatorTherefore, after hearing from a friend that Lancashire Police were recruiting for Police Control Room Operators, I knew it could provide me with the buzz I was looking for. After working for the police for nearly 3 year,s it has certainly met my expectations of being fast paced and, most of all, exciting.

"When I first started it was quite difficult getting a grasp of all the different type of calls that came through and knowing what to do with every unique inquiry. But with the help of my colleagues and team leaders, I was able to, within a short space of time, develop the confidence and knowledge to know how to deal with certain inquiries i.e. whether they required deployment or could be dealt with over the phone.  

"The best thing about working in the control room is being part of a team. Everyone is willing to help and support each other. There are a lot of fun personalities in the room which makes the job enjoyable. It truly does feel like a 'work family' in my department.  I am part of a team who all support each other and all genuinely enjoy their jobs which makes it a great place to work.

"In terms of progression and development, I have completed my training to facilitate. This is when you assist the radio dispatchers with anything they need doing e.g. calling an ambulance, arranging recovery for a vehicle, notifying the undertakers of a sudden death. I am also fully trained as a dispatcher which is when you deploy out an officer to an incident.

"One of the calls which stands out most for me is a 999 call I received from a man who was the same age as me who had mental health issues and felt suicidal. I spoke to him for over two hours and managed to convince him to disclose his location so we could get him the help he needed.  It really does feel great to make a life-changing difference to people."

Azhar Qadir- Police Control Room Operator


"I had no policing background and at the time and I didn’t know anyone who worked for the police"

Kat - Police Control Room OperatorI joined Lancashire Constabulary in July 2017 and have always worked in Retail Management however, decided it was time for a change. I wanted a career that felt worthwhile and was benefiting the community. I saw the Police Control Room Operator job advertised via Facebook and decided to give it a go and apply.

I travel a 70 mile round trip to work which seems a long way to drive however, due to working in a large team, car share with my colleagues therefore, it is never a lonely journey. 

I never expected the role of a Police Control Room Operator to be so varied. No two calls are ever the same. It can be very challenging and demanding at times however, is worthwhile especially when I know I have helped someone in need.  I was initially frightened knowing that I wouldn’t know the answers to some of the questions asked of me, however, there is so much support with people always willing to help and offer assistance.  

I love my new role and am looking forward to developing my skills as I receive training to be a radio dispatcher

Kat - Police Control Room Operator


"Progressing within the team"

Ange - Police Control Room SupervisorI have worked for Lancashire Constabulary for 15 years after joining as a Police Control Room Operator at Preston prior to progressing into the Team Leader role within the department.

I find the role challenging but enjoy working within a team.  No two days are the same and the role lends itself to various development opportunities.

I would encourage anyone to join us and become part of the team. 

Ange - Police Control Room Supervisor



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