Special Constables

Special constables are volunteer police officers who come from all walks of life. They may be at home bringing up a family, in full-time employment, between jobs, a student or retired, but they all give their time free of charge for the good of the local community.


Our Specials recruitment window is currently closed. Please check our social media accounts for when the window opens or sign up to job alerts which is under our latest vacancies section on this website.


What are we looking for?


We are looking for keen and enthusiastic people who are seeking a sense of personal fulfilment and who want to develop their personal and professional skills, to join us as special constables.


Training and hours


As a special, you will receive the same training as regular police officers and will be issued with the same equipment. You will need to be flexible with the hours you can volunteer and this may include weekends. There is a minimum requirement of 16 hours per month. As a volunteer, we ask you to provide you time and expertise without financial reward, although you can claim travel expenses to and from your place of volunteering.


You will work flexible hours with a minimum requirement of one shift of four hours per week and provide your time and expertise without financial reward, although you can claim travel expenses to and from work.



Your commitment - the low down 


It goes without saying that you will need to be fully committed and able to give your time to train to become a fully qualified special. Initially you will need to be available to attend training courses, currently seven alternate weekends, which will be followed by additional training days. 


  • It takes an average of six months from application to starting your initial training course.
  • Once posted, you will be expected to come on duty for a MINIMUM of four hours every week.
  • You will be attached to a local policing team who will task you with your duties, according to their risk and threat priorities.



The Recruitment Process

Case Studies

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