Gabriel's Story: Don't drink or drug drive this Christmas

Friday, December 17, 2021

Gabriel Fields was just 19 when he was killed by a drink driver as he walked back from the shop in Kirkham one evening in July 2020.

The driver of the car which hit and killed Gabriel had consumed 10 pints and two shots before getting behind the wheel. He was jailed for seven and a half years last month.

In this video Gabriel’s mum, Jacque and stepdad, Adam, recall the night their son popped out to the shop to buy snacks and tragically never made it back home.

They have shared their experience as part of our Christmas drink and drug drive campaign aimed at making our roads safer this Christmas.

If you’re out celebrating this weekend we would urge you to get a taxi home, arrange a lift, use public transport or book a hotel. 

#DontDrinkOrDrugDrive #MakeItHomeForChristmas 


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