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Celebrating our Volunteers

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Earlier this month we held the first Citizens in Policing awards evening since 2017.

Assistant Chief Constable (ACC) Karen Edwards said in her address to the nominees and guests on the evening: “These awards are all about celebrating the amazing contribution made by our Police Support Volunteers and Cadet Leaders, who all give up their time to help us keep Lancashire’s communities safe.

"Lancashire’s volunteering offer has gone from strength to strength. We have recently adopted the National Citizens in Policing brand and have brought all of our volunteering in house and under the Problem Solving Command. This has professionalised our approach to volunteering and provides wider opportunities for our communities who want to become involved in policing.

"We have created a skilled, effective, and motivated cohort of volunteers . This enhances the capacity and capability of the Constabulary. We are privileged to benefit from the skills and talents of a significant number of our local, inspirational people who volunteer in various roles across the force.

"I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who are here today,  and equally thankyou to the family and friends who are here to support you.

"I hope you feel proud of your achievements, because you absolutely should be.”

ACC Edwards was joined by the High Sheriff Helen Bingley in presenting the awards to the winners.

Below are the categories and winners.

Special Recognition: This award recognises volunteers who have demonstrated a longstanding and an exceptional contribution to policing in Lancashire.

  1. Dave Carlos

  2. Linda Schofield

  3. Bethany Pitt

  4. John Bibby

Volunteer Restorative Justice Practitioner of the year: Volunteers who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to supporting the Restorative justice team, and who have made a positive contribution to Policing on Lancashire.

  1. Jude Whitwood

  2. Richard Ellis

Cadet Leader of the year: This award is for Volunteer Police Cadet Leaders who have demonstrated a significant contribution to their unit and their co-ordinator and helped to support policing in their communities.

  1. East – Samantha Slater

  2. South – Ellie Beardsworth

  3. West – Steve Smith

Cadet Leader Team of the year: Open to a Team of Cadet Leaders who have demonstrated a significant contribution to support their cadet unit and co-ordinator.

  1. Blackpool & Fylde Cadet Leader team

    • Rebecca Boardman

    • Oliver Boardman

    • Amber Hale

    • David Lewis

    • David Shaw

    • Harry Snelson

    • Charlotte Todd

    • Mark Trent

    • Alison Williams

    • Martin Cooper

    • Adam Leyland

    • Jenna Lloyd

    • Pauline Sloane

    • Steven Smith

Team of the year: This award goes to a teams of Police Support Volunteers who have worked together to make a significant and sustained contribution to their department and policing in Lancashire.

  1. The Lancashire Police Museum

Outstanding contribution: These award winners are volunteers who have demonstrated a positive and inspiring contribution to others across Lancashire.

  1. Barry Bray

  2. Roy Middleton

  3. Tony Ford

  4. John Aizlewood

  5. Hilda Preston

  6. Peter Allen

Police Support Volunteer of the year: This individual is a Police Support Volunteer who has demonstrated a significant contribution to policing within Lancashire.

  1. Steve Cowles

Long Service Awards: Volunteers who have 3, 5 and 10 years' service are eligible for a bronze, silver, and gold pin badge, respectively.

  1. Bronze long service

    • Amber Hale

    • Mark Trent

    • Rafiq Patel

    • Samantha Slater

    • Brian Petherwick

    • Christopher Shuttleworth

    • Bill Mason

  2. Silver longer service

    • John Bibby

    • Judee Whitwood

    • Tony Ford

    • Dave Carlos

    • Yvonne Hindle

  3. Gold long service

    • Barry Bray

    • Patricia Rigby

    • Steve Cowles

    • John Aizlewood

    • Linda Schofield

    • Steph Holmes

    • Anthony Stevens

    • Dave Irving

    • Chris Abel

    • Maryam Batan

    • Ann Crofts