Summer 2021

abusive or violent behaviour will get you exclusive access to the best bars in town this summer, our cells!

We’re looking forward to Lancashire being open for business this summer.

This means a return to policing the evening and night-time economy which we have done as part of daily business for years.

Alongside our partners, we have plans in place so that everyone living or visiting our county is kept safe.

It’s been a tough 15 months and as we unlock, we want people to enjoy themselves, but to do it safely and responsibly - we have some of the best bars in Lancashire, but you don’t want to end up behind them in our cells!

Whilst we know most people will enjoy the summer months sensibly, we are prepared to deal with those who choose to spoil things for others through drink/drug related anti-social behaviour.

We’re not asking you to stop drinking or stop having fun; but we’re asking you to be aware that there is a tipping point when alcohol consumption can change your normal behaviour. Additionally, taking illegal drugs can also significantly affect the way you would normally behave.

Drink or drugs. There’s no excuse for abusive or violent behaviour.

You can get a criminal record for threatening violent or abusive behaviour. The consequences of this are wider reaching that you may think – for example employers may be less likely to employ someone with a criminal record and some countries may decline your visa application

We want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy the summer safely, but our message is clear: if you break the law, our Officers will show you around the best bars in town - our cells!

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