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Visually Impaired Protocol

Lancashire Police launched a new protocol to help visually impaired people in the county to identify police officers calling at their home.

The protocol can be used by anyone with a visual impairment of any degree, or by anyone who cares for or supports a visually impaired person.

It is important that police officers and staff who call at someone’s address can identify themselves.

All police employees carry official identification, but it is difficult for someone with a visual impairment to make out the photograph and details on the identification or warrant card.

The new protocol allows the safeguarding of visually impaired people.

If a visually impaired member of the community requests a visit from Lancashire Police – to report a crime or as a witness - they can arrange with the Force Control Room to be given a one-time password.

That password will be shared with the attending officer who must then give the password when asked for it by the visually impaired person.

A second part of the protocol is for unplanned visits by police officers – for example, if officers are conducting house-to-house enquiries in an area.

To check the attending officers’ identification, service users can contact the Force Control Room and check the collar number provided by the officer at the door.

If a visually impaired person wants the attendance of an officer at their home and wishes to use the one-time password protocol, please call 101.