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National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS)

Lancashire Constabulary is committed to road safety. We offer nationally recognised training schemes as alternatives to a fixed penalty or Magistrates' Court proceedings to encourage safer driving.


Most of NDORS Lancashire driver training courses are online, however, we do recognise that for some, the option of an online course can be difficult, and it is an option to which they are not best suited. To accommodate this, we will offer a small number of venue-based courses.  Please telephone NDORS Lancashire on 01772 410950 to discuss your options.

NDORS Lancashire offer the following retraining courses: 

  • National What’s Driving Us Course

This course aims to encourage safer and more responsible attitudes towards driving and to motivate drivers to be considerate to other road users.

  • National Speed Awareness Course

This course covers why people speed, what difference speed makes, what could happen if you speed, how to recognise the speed limit, hazard perception and defensive driving strategies.

  • National Seat Belt Course

Aims to influence motorists through a series of interactive scenarios to help them make safer choices. This is an online course with an assessment at the end.

  • National Rider Risk Awareness Course  

This course is an intervention for motorcyclists whose behaviour has brought them to the attention of the police. It is specifically for those whose riding could be described as thrill or sensation seeking and also those who, by the nature of their riding, could be defined as anti-social or careless. It can also be accessed by motorcyclists demonstrating careless riding that has led to a collision.

  • Safe and Considerate Driving Course

This course may be offered following a road traffic collision/incident as an alternative to proceedings before the Magistrates’ Court for due care type offences. This course lasts a full day and includes both theory and practical sessions.

The course aims to improve driving skills by:

  • Informing attendees of the major causes of road crashes.
  • Educating attendees on how stress, fatigue, attitudes and behaviour affect safe driving. 
  • Improving attendees' understanding of what speeds are appropriate and when.
  • Refreshing attendees' hazard spotting skills.
  • Encouraging drivers to be self critical.
  • Giving drivers defensive driving strategies.
  • National Motorway Awareness Course (NMAC)

Lancashire Constabulary is now accommodating individuals who have been offered an NMAC course by another police force. This course may be offered to motorists who have been detected exceeding the active variable speed limit on a motorway by a police officer or camera. Active variable speed limits are electronically displayed on overhead gantries and electronic roadside signs.

This course also caters for motorists who have passed through a mandatory Red X lane closure signal, and those who have infringed hard shoulders and emergency refuge areas. 


After You Have Successfully Completed Your Course

Upon satisfactory completion of these courses Lancashire Constabulary will take no further action in relation to the alleged offence.

You will therefore not be required to comply with the original fixed penalty and, as the matter will not proceed to court, nor will you be liable for any additional penalty points, fines or disqualification that could be imposed by a Magistrates’ Court.

If you believe you are not guilty of the alleged offence you should carefully consider whether to accept a course offer or to challenge the evidence in court.


Conditions of the Course Offer

You must book your course within 28 days of the date of the offer letter.

If you fail to do so the course offer will be withdrawn. Instead, you may have time to accept the conditional offer of fixed penalty (if applicable) or the matter will proceed to the Magistrates’ Court.

If you accept the conditional offer of fixed penalty by paying your fine to HMCTS any course offer, whether paid for or not, will be withdrawn and the option to attend a course removed. The course is an alternative to prosecution – you must only elect one option only.

It is a condition of the scheme that you complete the course within four months of the date of the offence. If this condition is not met the offer will be withdrawn and the matter will be passed back to the police for further action.

If you complete a course you will not be allowed to take the same course within 3 years of the date of the alleged offence.


Data Protection Act 1988

If you choose to take the course, you agree that we can check your details being against a national register to establish if you have completed a similar course within the last three years of this offence. 

If you complete the course, your details relating to this course will remain on file for road safety research purposes for a further seven years from the date of the offence, after which any personal reference to you will be erased.

Your details will not be released to any other parties except another police force if they are considering making an offer of a course in the future. 

Your personal details will not and never will be made available to the public.


Who do I contact if I have any concerns, questions or wish to exercise my rights as a data subject?

You can contact UKROEd by emailing: [email protected]

You can contact the police force who offered you the course using the contact details on your course offer letter or

You can contact the course provider who you have booked a course with.


Where can I find further information on how you process my data?

You can access the UKROEd privacy statement at or by emailing [email protected]

You can access the police privacy statement using the information on your course offer letter

You can access the course provider privacy policy on our website or by speaking with one of our call handlers, or using the information on your joining instructions.


What to do Next  

I would like to attend a course as an alternative to prosecution.

Courses are available throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland. You can book a place over the phone or on the internet. 

I want to book my course via the internet:

You can book your course online through the national portal. You'll need your reference number and PIN from your course offer letter to do this.  

Book online here:

I want to book my course over the phone:

If you want to book your course over the phone, then please refer to the list of telephone numbers enclosed with your conditional offer letter.

The national website has information on where and when the courses are running.

Check the national website here:

No, I do not wish to attend a course as an alternative to prosecution.

You may have time to accept the conditional offer of a fixed penalty if you would like your matter dealt with outside the Magistrates’ Court. However, if you would like the alleged offence to be considered by the Magistrates please opt for a court hearing by writing to the Safer Roads Unit at the following address:

Safer Roads Unit
PO Box 1329

Arrangements will then be made for proceedings to be passed before the Magistrates’ Court.