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NICE2SHARE - Your cameras, your communityYour Cameras. Your Community.

If you have CCTV cameras at your home or business, register with Nice2Share which is Lancashire Constabulary’s Community Portal. By doing so you will help us deter and solve crimes quicker.

Think of it as a digital neighbourhood watch scheme. Lancashire Constabulary have procured a digital evidence management system which allows businesses and members of the public to register their CCTV and other recording devices into a community portal. This system details potential video footage which can be requested for evidence from across the county leading to more efficient prosecutions of offenders and reduced crime in our communities.

Register Here

By registering your cameras with the Community Portal you will streamline the information exchange, making it easier for us to identify which of your cameras may have evidential footage and will simplify the processing of making it available to the Investigating Officer.

The service is free of charge and entirely voluntary. By registering with the portal you are not giving Lancashire Constabulary access to your CCTV system, you are making it easier for us to request and collect footage we may require in an investigation – the only footage we will ever have access is the footage you send to us.

CCTV can have many benefits for domestic and commercial security but you must install it in accordance with the law. Some helpful information can be found here.

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