Street Safe

New street safe tool giving people the power to report areas where they feel unsafeWe are supporting the Government’s StreetSafe online tool that lets people anonymously pinpoint on a map a location where they don’t feel safe. 

The tool is available on the Police UK website: 

StreetSafe has been introduced as part of the Government’s response to tackling violence against women and girls and identify areas where there are fears caused by other things such as anti-social behaviour and environmental issues. 

Anyone who has concerns about a particular location is encouraged to flag it through the tool.

The online StreetSafe tool is very easy to use and includes a short series of sections to complete, with guidance every step of the way. To pinpoint the area of concern, you can place a pin in the online map or enter the location. 

No crime needs to have been committed to enable you to indicate where you feel unsafe, and it is important to remember that the StreetSafe tool should not be used to report crimes. 

In an emergency, where lives are in immediate danger or a crime is in progress, please dial 999.

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